Unconditioning: Discovering the Voice Within

Episode Twelve. Little Luna: From Acting to Music, Re-discovering the Inner Child, Permission to Shift & Balancing the Sun and the Moon

February 24, 2021

Little Luna, also known as Rachael Kathryn Bell is a singer and songwriter who has made her way into the music scene and has captivated audiences and her loyal fanbase through her honest transformative lyrics and the visual poetry of her music videos. She began performing professionally as an actress at 13, appearing in commercials, TV shows and films, including her Guest Starring appearance as Addison on Suite Life on Deck on the Disney Channel.


In this episode we discuss:


-Little Luna’s experience releasing music into the world during a pandemic

-Little Little Luna’s discovery of her love of performing

-Going from her school play in the 6th grade to Hollywood

-Her experience splitting time being on set, to maintaining her high school career

-Dealing with the repetitive rejection of auditioning at a young age

-The moment that gave her permission to allow music as an option, and Shift n Go

-Her experience of allowing herself to change

-How Yoga has helped her to access her authentic self

-How she’s committed to aligning all aspects of herself within her music and content

-What’s to come for Little Luna

-Her message to the world





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